About Ronnie Boykin Jr.

Ronnie Boykin Jr. is a deeply passionate and innovative photographer, graphic and visual artist. For over three decades, Ronnie’s work is at the forefront of creative imagery that is reflective of his generation. Through his photography, painting & graphic design, Ronnie elevates the experiences, beauty & struggles of Black Life. Ronnie is known as one of Chicago’s premier Hip Hop photographers having documented thousands of images from the city’s underground hip-hop scene. Through his work, he is also an activist questioning the most prolific discussions of our time. For many, Ronnie captures the most precious and special life moments through weddings, special events, fashion and headshot photography.


His creative roots formed at the age of six when his mother, Jacqueline, encouraged Ronnie’s passion for art and creativity. With time, training, and mentoring with opportunities through The Marwen Foundation and Gallery 37 Summer Programs, Ronnie refined his unapologetic, visual interpretation style. He attended Columbia College Chicago where he earned a Bachelor of Liberal Arts degree. During his work at Goods of Evanston, Ronnie created relationships with other artists that led to his first solo exhibit at Gillock Gallery and group showing with The Boombox Collective (1999). Ronnie’s most coveted project “The Chain of Perception in Black America” (2017) is a firm expression of his political roots and need for racial dialog. This work was featured at the University of Denver Museum of Anthropology campus creating an overdue conversation about the black narrative. As of 2021, Ronnie continues to take his photographic mastery to new levels. His most recent work focuses on the regal lens in the context of “Fifteen Minutes of Fame” for those seeking photoshoots, special events, and headshots.

Ronnie also continues his collaborations with artists throughout the country and travels for special projects. Ronnie resides on Chicago’s far south side where he continues his work under his company RONNIE BOYKIN JUNIOR. 

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